Where the Bad Kids Go Battled 1999 in 1999 vs Where the Bad Kids Go, He was Portrayed by Yobar
Where the Bad Kids Go

Photo That confirm his apareance


Verse 1:

Time to grab this caged mic, gonna show you who's boss

Teaching little kids to never do the things that piss parents off

Have the camera zoom into my victory, don't be mean, yo

Or you'll get a time out in my abandoned studio

You're such a bad kid, now let me teach you a lesson

I ain't fessin when I say this'll end with aggression

I don't wanna play any games, but here's something relaxing

Go back to Caledon 21, or I'll end you like your broadcasting

Verse 2:

Your program's unbearable, terrible disses you're spitting at me

They will not convice me to leave the TV screen

I won't take threats from a guy that had to run away from his home

Leave you scared like the photographer that found my studio

Hiding in the woods to get some canadians, nice try dude

Your rhymes are more cheap then your own bear costume

Police had to take down your studio, how do you feel bro?

Now it's time to show you where the bad rappers go


  • Where the Bad Kids Go is the First Character from Season 2 Confirmed