This Man Battled SCP-087 in This Man vs SCP-087 He was Portrayed By JMB (Voice) and Matthew Thomas (Video)


Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based

This Man

Justin Buckner as This Man


Verse 1:

Ever dream of me? This is gonna be a scary time

This Man will make this SCP be glad that he’s blind

Thousands are dreaming about me, you’re not even creepy

To an abandoned mall we go, if you really wanna mess with me

I know you’ve seen this man, but, Have you seen yourself?

You’re only seen on stairs, while I make every dream hell

Stop hiding down the basement stairs, you’re looking like a fool

I’m a school teacher, And you just got schooled!

Verse 2:

I got pictures around the world, you can check all the nations

How can you beat me when you’re only found in a foundation

Been in the game since '06, I’m a huge part of history

Your endpoint is mysterious? Don’t worry, I’ll solve this mystery...


  • In his 6th line, a clip of Slender Man vs The Rake appears, showing Matthew awakening from a dream with This Man, also his face as "This Man" appears over him