The Rake vs BOB. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

The Rake vs BOB. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

The Rake vs BOB is the most recent Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta.It features stalker the rake vs the brutal obscene beast BOB to see who is the better stalker.


The Rake: Frenzy

B.O.B: Yobar


The Rake:

I enter this battle, like a plague upon the land

If you want to fulfill your death wish, I’ll lend you a hand

I’m a “hybrid” of a creature, laying waste to your verse

For when it comes to white killer creatures, I was the very first

I’m from the pits of Hell, though a wiki is where you hail 

With an edgier story than your dirty toenails 

I understand I’m killing you slowly with each and every line

In the end, just remember to leave a suicide note behind


You speak to me as though, you’re a gift from God

Though the truth shows you’re nothing but a modern day fraud

Hear the sound of a door kicked in, you’ll wish you were being robbed

When you gaze upon the face of all your nightmares, BOB

The Beast is beating you so bad, it's not Obscene, it's Brutal!

Noodle arms just fueled my anger, a schoolgirl would be less futile!

Break your myth like the windows, either way, you’ll feel the “pane”

Then I’ll clean up your remains with a rusty old Rake

The Rake:

You think that you’re sneaky, but your attacks are plain as day

And I can hear this phlegm-filled croaker a mile away!

You better set up a recorder, tape me roaming through your woods

And give you a bigger scare than your terrible tale ever could

Living since the 1600’s, who today would like your story?

Better prepare for my wrath, as I leave your land gory

So it’s best to take my request, and just never return

‘Cause I’m tearing up your flows, like an innocent little girl


What’s with your garbled nonsense, I can’t understand you

This monster won’t be breathing, once I leave him like Andrew

Even if I don’t have any arms, I’ll take you by the throat, man

Since you only exist as a carbon copy of the Goatman

Chase you down with ease, gnaw on your jaw and stomp you to death

You're a scrawny loser rubbing it out on elder’s headrest!

His name was The Rake, his game was being at second rate

After I break this fake, I’ll send him to the Animal Shelter's gates!