The Rake battled Slenderman in Slenderman vs The Rake. He was portrayed by Matthew Thomas and voiced by MCGamingFTW.


Verse 1:

Yo i’m the rake, i am great, all you need is a break,

I’m better than a faceless suit wearing bitch for god sake.

I am popular, i was even on the fucking news,

and you stole my idea, you should be sued.

You’re just a mannequin, i’m every kids nightmare,

I have a mouth that grows slowly, you won’t think it’s fair.

Oh you have clothes? well at least i have a face,

Let’s play a new game, it’s called the death race.

Verse 2:

Let me stomp this “horror” so we can finish this off,

when i was reading your story, i got bored then coughed.

After 2 verses of your crap, i’ve finally had it,

now let me finish off this battle by making your screen static.[[Cat

The Rake
The Rake

MCGamingFTW as The Rake
Character Information
Nickname(s) The Rake
Physical description
Eyes White
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Slenderman vs The Rake
Vs Slenderman
Release Date October 15, 2013
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