Tails Doll vs Herobrine - Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 3

Tails Doll vs Herobrine - Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 3

Tails Doll vs Herobrine is the fourth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta series and the fourth installment of Season 1. It was released on November 27, 2013. It features possessed doll, Tails Doll, rapping against haunted Minecraftian, Herobrine.


Matthew Thomas as Herobrine

Alexander Kanack as Tails Doll

Justin Buckner as Notch








You won’t be seeing the sunshine anymore after this battle is done,

Herobrine has connected to kick your ass and remove your stuff.

I will make you 404‘d, and i’ll stab you in the the crotch,

how can you mess with me when I messed with a game by Notch?

I will kill you slowly while you are thinking I’m a cow,

you’ll see me then you’ll realize why and how?

Tails Doll? oh! such a scary name!

you were made in one of the most shittiest Sonic games.

Tails Doll:

They call me tails doll, bout to murder your soul,

I'm incontrolable, I'll leave you with a pixelated hole.

But really, your shitty creepypasta is really rare,

I'm a cursed creepy doll, YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!

Dumb Herobrine, haha, why the long face?

Call me sonic because I'm winning fast in this race.

you're a hollowed out mod, who will never see remorse,

I will crush you with this piston since there's nothing to live for.


Sonic R was the biggest piece of fucking crap,

get out of this world, cause this is Minecraft!

I will stab you with this diamond axe, you will be taunted,

you better be scared cause i am always watching.

Tails Doll:

I killed Noah and Gill who bought me from EB Games,

this is bullshit, you and the zombie are the fucking same.

You’re gonna kill me with a diamond axe? you took it too far,

It won’t be Sonic R, it will now be TAILS DOLL R!






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  • This is the Second Battle To Be an Haunted Video Game Rap Battle The First is Ben Drowned vs SCP-173
  • This Battle Was Originally Gonna Be Sonic.EXE vs Tails Doll But They Also Scrapped It So They Put Tails Doll Against Herobrine and Sonic.EXE Against MARIO
  • In the new poster of ERBoCP#3, Tails Doll appears as he do in this gif, This image never appeared in the video since the poster was relased after that, Same happens on Sonic.EXE vs MARIO
Tails Doll vs Herobrine
Battle Information
Release Date November 27, 2013
Number 4
Length 1:35
Other Information
Actors Matthew Thomas
Alexander Kanack
Justin Buckner
Rappers Tails Doll
Previous Ben Drowned vs SCP-173
Next Sonic.EXE vs MARIO
List of Battles
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