Tails Doll Battled Herobrine in Tails Doll vs Herobrine He Was Played By Alexander Kanack

Information About the Rapper

The Tails Doll is one of six unlockable characters in 1997’s Sonic R first released for the Sega Saturn console, and later re-released on PC and as part of Sonic Gems Collection for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005.

Often while playing as the Tails Doll, the song Can You Feel the Sunshine? plays over and over continuously, regardless of what race track one is playing on. In addition to the creepy soundtrack, the doll limply levitates through the tracks.


Verse 1:

They call me tails doll, bout to murder your soul,

I'm incontrolable, I'll leave you with a pixelated hole.

But really, your shitty creepypasta is really rare,

I'm a cursed creepy doll, YOU SHOULD BE SCARED!

Dumb Herobrine, haha, why the long face?

Call me sonic because I'm winning fast in this race.

You're a hollowed out mod, who will never see remorse,

I will crush you with this piston since there's nothing to live for.

Verse 2:

I killed Noah and Gill who bought me from EB Games,

This is bullshit, you and the zombie are the fucking same.

You're gonna kil me with a diamond axe? You took it too far,

It won't be Sonic R, it will now be TAILS DOLL R!


  • It is The First Creepypasta To Be Explained by TheStickyPaddle
Tails Doll
Tails Doll

WoodenHornets as Tails Doll
Character Information
Nickname(s) TDoll, TD, The Doll
Born December 1, 1988
Physical description
Eyes Black (Normal), Red (Creepy)
Based On
Tails Doll Project 20

Tails Doll Image

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Tails Doll vs Herobrine
Vs Herobrine
Release Date November 27, 2013
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