Suicidemouse.avi Battled Rap Rat in Rap Rat vs Suicidemouse.avi He Was Portrayed By Alexander Kanack

Information About the Rapper

Suicide Mouse, also known as “suicidemouse.avi”, is a black-and-white cartoon featuring a looped animation of the Disney character Mickey Mouse walking along several buildings accompanied by eerie piano music. The video cuts to black for several minutes and returns with distorted video and loud screaming audio at the end.

People who saw the whole video, or at least the last 2 minutes, comitted suicide, After repeated more than 7 times "Real Suffering is Not Known", The Video round on internet, without the last frames of the film, with the name "suicidemouse.avi"

There are only 2 things Known of the end, The Face of Mickey in the credits with a music box melody as background music and a russian text en the last frame that says "The Sigths of Hell Brig it Viewers Back In".


Verse 1:

I think I am worthless, then I looked at this twat

Who's story was written by some rapper on pot

I may look kid friendly, but this time I'm not nice

Your just the creepypasta equivalent, to fucking Vanilla Ice

I don't got time for your shit, your rhymes are pure cheese

I'll leave your skin filled with holes, like a slice of Havarti!

Now let me show to the children, what i'll do to this pest

I'll hang you,and then have a Found Footage Blood Fest!

Verse 2:


I can smell out bullshit, and that theory is one!

So try to outsmart me, I was made by Walt Disney

While you are as scary, as a Chuck E. Cheese story!

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Suicide Mouse
Suicide Mouse

WoodenHornets as suicidemouse.AVI
Character Information
Nickname(s) suicidemouse.avi
Born 1931
Physical description
Eyes Black
Based On
Suicide Mouse
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Rap Rat vs Suicidemouse.avi
Vs Rap Rat
Release Date June 20, 2014