Smile Dog Battled Mr. Widemouth in Smile Dog vs Mr. Widemouth and Smile Dog vs Mr. Widemouth 2  He was Portrayed by Justin Buckner

Information About the Rapper

Smile Dog is a floppy disk that contains an image of an smiling Siberian Husky. Viewing it is extremely dangerous since it brings nightmares that will drive you crazy. If you don't send this image to a another person, the dog will change into a more demonic version and the nightmares will get worse and it will drive you to insanity! The only way to stop it is to "spread the word" or...kill yourself...


Verse 1 (As a Husky) :

Come at me, you’ll be dead, I’m the canine from hell

You’re just a rejected Furby, all the little kids can tell

Your rhymes are nothing, they’ve just begun to decay

I see all bitch, so it’s pretty clear that I won’t be going away

Losing in this battle? It’s okay, you’re just having dog days

Because you’re confined to that home, when your “friends” move away

Crucid ears? Furry Body? You’re the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard

Incoming message Mr. Widemouth: “SPREAD THE WORD”

Verse 2 (As a Demon) :

Always here, never leaving, stare at my grizzly smile

Hiding under the bed of kids, its clear you’re a pedophile

You think you’re scary? Bitch, I’m the most iconic widemouth!

I guess you’ll have to learn, SUICIDE IS THE ONLY WAY OUT!


Smile Dot Jpg

Justin Buckner as Smile Dog
Character Information
Nickname(s) Smile Dog, Smiledog.JPG, Smile.JPG, Smile.DOG, Dog.JPG.
Physical description
Eyes Black
Based On



Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Smile Dog vs Mr. Widemouth
Smile Dog vs Mr. Widemouth 2
Vs Mr. Widemouth
Release Date July 12, 2014 (First Round)
TBA (Second Round)