Skin Taker Battled Happy Appy Alongside Pirate Percy in Happy Appy vs Candle Cove He Was Played By Matthew Thomas

About the Rapper

The Skin-Taker is a skeleton marionette, and an inhabitant of the Abyssal Kingdom, who was summoned to Candle Cove by Horace Horrible. He is known to roam around candle-lit caves and seashores.


Verse 1:

Verse 1:


Gonna have this fruit let out some steam

We’re gonna have this apple have Candle Cove in his dreams

I am the Skin Taker, the most demonic pirate ever

I’m gonna knock your noggin, and then you’ll be severed

Verse 2:

Verse 1: 

You’re blushing red there, and it’s not because you’re an apple 

Verse 2:

We will rip out your realistic eyes, then cut that little stick

Verse 3:

They call me Skin Taker, ‘cause I’ll skin your whole family

Verse 4:

You said 9/11 was natural? Ha! What a joke!

Verse 5 (Both):

Remember to never mess with your master Candle Cove![[Category:Epic Rap Battle Par

Candle Cove
Matthew Thomas as Skin Taker
Character Information
Born 1971
Physical description
Eyes Blue
Based On
Skin taker from candle cove by screamasinclair-d3axo95
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Happy Appy vs Candle Cove
Vs Happy Appy
Release Date April 8, 2014
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