Sally Battled Eyeless Jack in Eyeless Jack vs Sally She Was Voiced By Stofferex Then She Was Played By Matthew Thomas

About the Rapper

Sally was a young girl, eight years old, long curly brown hair, and bright green eyes. She was always polite, she never lied, and did as she was told. Her mother and father simply adored her; they couldn’t ask for a better daughter.


Verse 1:

Hello there stranger, do you wanna play a game?

It’s called “Pin the knife on the piñata” prepare to feel pain

I’m all alone everyday, but I don’t freaking care

Since you’re just a guy who wears a mask, I’m not even that scared

Peek-a-boo! I see you in that grave I put you in

I can kick your ass, and yet, I’m a little kid

You cut your eyes out? WOW! What a little bitch

Prepare to have an extreme tea party, Mr. Mitch

Verse 2:

If you were my dolly, I would take out all your stuffing

Burn you in the flames of hell, and I ain’t bluffing

This is my house bitch! so how about you leave?

Also, one more thing, Please Play With Me...



Stofferex as Sally
Character Information
Physical description
Eyes Brown
Based On
Sally by tobimygoodboy-d5frd33

Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based On

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Eyeless Jack vs Sally
Vs Eyeless Jack
Release Date March 25, 2014