SCP-173 Battled Ben Drowned in Ben Drowned vs SCP-173 He Was Voiced by Zackschannellive , He Was Played By Matthew Thomas

Information About the Rapper

SCP Foundation is a creative writing wiki centered around pseudo-realistic supernatural reports.

SCP-173 was the first SCP object written and served as the inspiration for the project. SCP-173 is described to be a statue-like entity that cannot move while in direct eyesight and can kill by breaking the neck of a victim if not observed, similar to the behavior of the Weeping Angels from the British television series Doctor Who.


Verse 1:

Welcome to the SCP Foundation, get ready to get your neck snapped.

After your rhymes were told, i feel taking a nap.

I'm the sculpture, all you are is Happy Mask Salesmans gay mate.

I am more killer than you, you just burn people for god sake.

I would never listen to the song of unhealing or watch your WMV file.

It's SCP-173, I am animate and extremely hostile.

I would love to see your stachue ass try to take on me.

I asked cleverbot about you and he said i'm more classy.

Verse 2:

Go back to the north pole, Santas waiting for you.

You shouldn't have done that? Well look at you raping me you jew.

Your rapping is like putting a speaker in my ear with a jumpscare.

I could find more scare than when you look at your fucking stare.

I dare you to close your eyes, come on, i dare you to do it.

I can hear better rap from you when i heard you spit.

This battle is over, so here's how i'm going to finish it link.

You're gonna get more scared then when you fucking blink.



Zack Maloney as SCP-173
Character Information
Nickname(s) 173
Physical description
Eyes Red
Based On

Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Ben Drowned vs SCP-173
Vs Ben Drowned
Release Date November 12, 2013