SCP-087 Battled This Man in This Man vs SCP-087, He is Portrayed by Josh


Upon on Whom the Rapper is based


Game Mechanics as SCP-087


Verse 1:

Look into my blank eyes, it’ll give you a true scare

That’s more scary than an ugly man’s face, I’m aware

I’ll take you down stairs, Show you what I’m all about

‘Cause my victory is as big as your giant eyebrows

Even though I have no eyesight, I can see your defeat

I’ll kill a spotlight, you will beaten by me

Go back to being Santa Claus, I’ll just be sitting down here

This SCP MC will make this man shed a tear!!

Verse 2:

There is more proof of me than you (Haha), so don’t even try. Haha.

These eyes will fright this guy that fears night times

I’ll ‘cause a scene on this pedo, looking over people sleep

Get down here now, you’ll be hearing a child scream!


  • SCP-087 is the 33rd Character from Season 2 Confirmed The Others Are Where the Bad Kids Go, Heartful Lou, Evil Otto, Squidward's Suicide, Zalgo, WHO WAS PHONE?, Ted the Caver, Mr. Mix, Console Me, Sweet Apple Massacre, Ash's Coma, 1999, Abandoned By Disney, Gods Mouth, Five Nights at Freddy's, Polybius, The Grey Man, Ed Edd n' Eddy Lost Episode, Dead Bart and Numbers Station
  • Similar to its appearance in Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack (ERBParodies), Five Nights at Freddy's vs The SCP Foundation (on Justin's channel), and a few others, SCP-087 is technically incorrectly credited. The creature actually rapping is labeled SCP-087-1, as SCP-087 is the staircase in general.
  • For a split of second in This Man vs SCP-087, SCP-087-B can be seen