Rap Rat Battled Suicidemouse.avi in Rap Rat vs Suicidemouse.avi He was Portrayed By Stofferex

Information About the Rapper

Rap Rat is a Video-Board game created by A Couple 'A Cowboys, The Tape who comes with the game, was cursed by the demon "Aparat". Rap Rat is defined as "A Very Disturbing Mouse", and people who see the tape claim to have nigthmares


Verse 1:

They call me R-R-Rap Rat, they call you suicidal

Once you call out my name, I will rip out your vitals!

When it comes to crappypastas, yours comes out the gayest

and what happens in Sony Vegas, should stay in Sony Vegas!

I'll leave you begging for more, when I stomp you to the floor

and your scariest image, was Clinton standing near a door!

I'll trap you in a mouse trap, on this trap beat

Then I'll call myself Trap Rat, do you wanna play with me?

Verse 2:

Hehehehe.... I'll bite you like Dracula, infect you with doom

Then at 3:30 am, "THE RAP RAT WILL CURSE YOU!"

And then I’ll leave you depressed, but I don’t have to

Your just a looped animation, who’s story wasn’t true!

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Rap Rat
RapRapRap Rat

Stofferex as Rap Rat
Character Information
Nickname(s) R-R-Rap Rat
Born 1992
Physical description
Eyes Black
Based On
Rap Rat
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Rap Rat vs Suicidemouse.avi
Vs Suicidemouse.avi
Release Date June 29, 2014