The Battle Begin With The Ritual Game Royale

SuperThingsOnCups as One Man Hide and Seek

Y.D Geon as Three Kings
JMB as Bath Game
Mr. Maplesyrup as Raven Man
Freshy Kanal as Midnight Game


One Man Hide and Seek vs Three Kings. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

One Man Hide and Seek vs Three Kings. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.


One Man Hide and Seek:
Tag! You're it! Try your hardest to find me now
Got more flow than salt water, leaving you crying out loud
Once I'm through with you, the tagged plushies is what you'll be like
Where I take out all of your guts and replace it with rice

My staticy raps are attacking this king, you don't compare to the fear that I bring
Don't even dare try to win this game, or I'll shove my scissors inside your brain
Releasing the spirits of the dead, something your ritual should learn
I win, I win, I win, and now it's your time to burn!

Three Kings:
Welcome to the Shadowside, where you'll meet your demise
Stick to your own child’s game, where you run and you hide
Releasing the death? Bitch, I’m the one who’ll rule you
Now take a seat, ‘cause you’re nothing but a fool, dude
You can mirror me, but reflecting on my deeds will have you go nuts
I think Dr. Frankenstein should have his lips sewed shut
When it’s 11pm, you know what exactly is going down
So as I sit on my throne, I’ll be taking the winning crown!

Bath Game:
Not your average red and green light, here we’ve got a twist
Keep your eyes closed the whole time, or else your soul shall be missed!
Be careful and you get to catch a glimpse of black hair, see?
I must ask you, why did you feel the need to battle me?
Teishi! Stay back, don’t want to let you rap a lot
Get an eye gouged out, as you fall just like Daruma-San
Leave you washed out with soap, it wasn’t much effort to beat ya
Time for me to end this game by cutting you loose, kitta!

The Raven Man:
On this dark night, I call on the Raven Man to appear
I want to feel his energy, so my point can be more clear
What point, do you ask? Well sit back for a sec, please keep your mouth shut
And let my ritual verse commence as my knife begins to make a cut
I’ll keep telling you, he’s here, he’s near, he will grant my request tonight
For the flame is my beacon, the blood is my sacrifice
No amount of salt I use can cover up your attitude
Snuff the candle on you all, claiming you have the best ritual is just rude

Midnight Game:
Knock knock, wake up, it’s midnight, don’t get too frightened
We shall let the game begin, so grab a candle and light it
Winning’s an hallucination, stop thinking you have so much power
When you’re so pathetic, you wouldn’t last less than an hour
You claim Birdman can answer anything? Yet you know nothing
These rituals are just as bland as the rice replacing doll stuffing
It has slipped away, your fate is out of your hands
Now leave, it's the only way to avoid the Midnight Man…