Masky battled Hoody in Hoody vs Masky, He was potrayed by Froggy (ERBOCP #6) and Frenzy (ERBOCP #15)


Froggy as Masky


Frenzy as Masky


Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based

About the Rapper

"Masky" is an affectionate name given to the unidentified masked figure who appears in the footage of the Marble Hornets incidents. His most prominent appearances are in entries #18, 19 and 23. Masky is identified by the effeminate white mask with shadowed eyes that he wears at all times. Masky is an average height male of somewhat burly build. He has medium-short dark brown hair which is usually messy. He wears a distinctive looking jacket (said to be the same as the one worn by Tim) and a white mask.

The mask is pure white and in the shape of an androgynous if slightly effeminate human face. The lips and the areas around the eyes are blacked out and raised eyebrows are penciled on.



Verse 1:

I murdered my friend, that means I'm tough to take on you

Oh, you shot Alex? There's no need to be rude

I'm ripping through you, dude! You were born shit

And I'm bout to lyrically kick you in your marble hornets!

Those red eyes will match your body when I'm done with you

I'm disappearing, you're a queer, and i'll kick your ass, dude

Am I Tim? You'll never know! You could NEVER unmask me

But, now you're bout to have to pay the price of facing Masky

Verse 2:

You can't handle my mask, so just step back

I'm cracking your code, bitch, in this vicious rap attack

When i snap your neck, I'll make those big-ass eyes flinch

Just know you can never mess with Tribe Twelve, bitch!


Verse 1:

I’ve murdered my friend, so killing you won’t be tough

Because I’m coming in rough, let me know when you’ve had enough

Your body will match your red eyes once I’m done with you

Because pointing a gun at Alex was the best your ass could ever do

Getting killed on the job? that’s workplace fatality

Because you’re falling off your game like how you fell off the balcony

I’m coughing because I’m spitting so ill it’s nasty

When you wake up you’ll realize, you’ve fallen prey to Masky


  • He and Hoody Were Mentioned By Both Eyeless Jack and Clockwork
  • He and Hoody Were the 2nd and 3rd Character to Be Used By ERBParodies The First Character Was Jeff the Killer
  • When Masky Mentioned The TribeTwelve Is Unknown it Could Be The Observer , HABIT or The Slenderman
  • Masky uses the Same Green Screen Cuts from ERBParodies "Jeff The Killer Vs. Slenderman" even though froggy still voiced him
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