MissingNo. Battled Creepy Black , Lost Silver and BRVR in Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 2 He Was Played By Fel

About the Rapper

Introduced in Pokemon Red and Green, Lavender Town is the designated graveyard for deceased monsters and is known for its ghost sightings. The first edition of these games was released in Japan in February 1996. By the time the games were released in the United States two years later, the original music for Lavender Town, composed by Junichi Masuda[23] had been changed. Since the ambience of the town was that of a graveyard, the music was relatively creepy, with players on gaming message boards Serebii and discussing this in 2008 and 2009. A remix of the song appeared in early 2010, attempting to intensify its spookiness.


Verse 1

I came to this battle to give some suicides,

all i did in my life was make kids and teens die.

Oh, you feeling down, well listen to this melody,

to make you thank me of getting this sound disease.

i trapped so many Pokemon, i have them all now,

you all are pathetic, now turn around and get out.

My rhymes are so dark, it makes a eclipse solar,

now go back to the start cause this is fucking GAME OVER!

Lavender Town Syndrome

Fel as Lavender Town Syndrome
Character Information
Birth name (Known as) Ketsuban
Nickname(s) Lavender Town Tone, Lavender Town Syndrome
Born February 27, 1996
Physical description
Eyes Unknown
Based On
Missingno SBL intro

Upon On Whom The Rapper Is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Creepy Black vs Lost Silver
Vs Creepy Black
Lost Silver
Release Date October 29, 2013