Jane the Killer battled Jeff the Killer in Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer. She is played by diablo453 (audio) and Matthew Thomas (video).

Information on the rapper

Jane is a girl who lived across the street from Jeff. He killed Jane's family and lit Jane on fire, but she survived. She hates Jeff for what he did to her family and plans to hunt him down and kill him.


Verse 1

I'm very flaming hot, so prepare to feel a second burn

Looks like I finally found you Jeff, now prepare for your worst

You got beaten up by bullies, HA! what a laugh

Your skin matches your white hoodie, and you look like crap!

This battle will end faster than the birthday party

I'll make you suffer for what you did to me, so you better say you're sorry

I will rip out your guts like how you did to me at the doctor

And I can’t not wait for you to meet my sharp ass chopper

Verse 2

If you are reading this, then prepare to make a frown

I’ll make you drown, and push you on the wall to go down

You punched a teen in the heart? and then you got hurt?

My disses are like the birthday party, YOU JUST GOT BURNED!

I'm glad you got no eyelids, cause look at how bad you're looking

Time to burn some rotten flesh, guess who I'm cooking?

Dont go to sleep cause you wont wake up, you're in for a thriller

I’m coming for you, sleep well, Signed: Jane the Killer


Jane the Killer
Jane the Killer
Matthew Thomas as Jane the Killer
Character Information
Nickname(s) Jane
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes None
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
Vs Jeff the Killer
Release Date December 24 2013
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