Hoody vs Masky

Hoody vs Masky. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 7

Hoody vs Masky. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 15

Hoody vs Masky. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 15.

Hoody vs Masky
Battle Information
Release Date Jan 7 2014
Number 7
Length 2:03
Other Information
Actors Froggy, Matthew Thomas
Rappers Hoody
Previous Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
Next Cupcakes vs Luna Game
Hoody vs Masky is the sixth and fiftenth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta series and the Finale of Season 1. It was released in Jan 7 2014 and December 1 2014. It was feature Hoody, rapping against Masky, but in the remake, they're not alone...



Froggy as Masky

SuperThingsOnCups as Hoody (Video)

Nathan Provost as Hoody (Audio)


Matthew Thomas as Hoody

Frenzy as Masky

MaNCHA as Ticci Toby

Alexander Kanack as The Observer

Brandon Lorbes as HABIT

Justin Buckner as Slenderman









You're crappy Masky, you ain't having much luck

Your face is so fucking ugly, you need a mask to cover it up

When you could use a bag under your fucking shitty ass head

You're lucky to be alive but I wish you were dead

I will kill you when you are trying to sleep in a car

You couldn't take it seriously, but I've took it too far

Oh! you're a human while I'm a proxy? That doesn't mean you're good

Try to mess with me Masky, I'm from the hood


I murdered my friend, that means I'm tough to take on you

Oh, you shot Alex? There's no need to be rude

I'm ripping through you, dude! You were born shit

And I'm bout to lyrically kick you in your marble hornets!

Those red eyes will match your body when I'm done with you

I'm disappearing, you're a queer, and i'll kick your ass, dude

Am I Tim? You'll never know! You could NEVER unmask me

But, now you're bout to have to pay the price of facing Masky


Your rhymes are so fucking boring, they make me cough

Your life is like my rhymes, 'cause it's about to drop

You can't match Hoody, you asshole-masked excuse for a buddy

In this next found footage, you'll be ripped, torn and bloody


You can't handle my mask, so just step back

I'm cracking your code, bitch, in this vicious rap attack

When i snap your neck, I'll make those big-ass eyes flinch

Just know you can never mess with Tribe Twelve, bitch!












Coming in this battle to attack, it’s the hooded horror from hell

Are you suppose to be scary or something? I can’t freaking tell!

Because you’re crappy Masky, you ain’t having much luck

You’re face is so ugly, you need a mask just to cover it up

Slendy picked me first because he knew I could get the job done

As compared to your broken legs, so there is nowhere for you to run

Go back to your cheesecake, this isn’t the place for you

Because to tell the truth, you’re the laughingstock of the crew


I’ve murdered my friend, so killing you won’t be tough

Because I’m coming in rough, let me know when you’ve had enough

Your body will match your red eyes once I’m done with you

Because pointing a gun at Alex was the best your ass could ever do

Getting killed on the job? that’s workplace fatality

Because you’re falling off your game like how you fell off the balcony

I’m coughing because I’m spitting so ill it’s nasty

When you wake up you’ll realize, you’ve fallen prey to Masky

Ticci Toby:

Sh-Shut up Masky, w-watch as your deaths tick closer

You’re about to get ter-rekt, Hoody is nothing but a poser

Influenced by evil; the one turned true creepypasta villain

You can hide your faces all you want, I’ll always be killing

Feed you to the ticks, make you both forever suffer

I don’t give a shit what I do and I don’t ca-care i-if I stutter

Stop being so weak, I’ve actually moved on from my past

You’re not my first victims and YOU WON’T BE MY LAST

The Observer:

It’s The Observer here, oh I’m sorry, am I interrupting?

I will never rest, with these disses, you’ll be corrupting

I don’t Noah how you kids think your rhymes are effective

Your defective little minds can’t handle my lyrics so hectic

Happy Birthday to you! and good luck in the afterlife

Because while I attack your mind, you attack with little knives

This transmission is complete, just like your lives, I’m done

Because you little bitches just lost to proxy #1


It’s time for you to see the words I’m spitting, call me Habit

I’m rapidly dissing these maggots, snapping ‘cause I’ve just about had it!

You’ll get mind fucked when I teleport you everywhere

You’re all twitching jokes, while I’m Everyman’s Hybird nightmare!

Insanity is the last thing to worry about when facing me

Because to be honest, you fuckers were already crazy!

Leave this battle, no Observer or masked kids will make it stop!

Even compared to Slender Man, I’ll always be on top!


I’m towering over, your leader has Arrived

Don’t adjust your screen, what’s happening is live

Static attacking, got 8 tentacles I’m packing

Catching my proxies, to leave the bodies stacking

I’ve been feared by millions, I’m even known to kill a man

I’m tall, dark and handsome, you can call me the Slender Man

Beating Jeffy as much times as the pages I show

Then these five came in my wake just standing in my Shadow

Slenderman, Slenderman, the children run, like you should do

You oughta know I’m used to killing 12 year old girls like you

Know you shouldn’t be a hater, in front of your savior

You’re nothing but my little baiters, and I’m your creator




Alexander Kanack as BRVRTails Doll,Suicidemouse.aviGateway of the Mind and The Observer

Fel as Lavender Town Syndrome

Zack Maloney as SCP-173 and Rainbow Factory

Max Allan as Sonic.EXE and Jeff the Killer

London Brown as Jane the Killer

Nathan Provost as Hoody

Froggy as Masky

Stephanie Smith as Cupcakes and Clockwork

Justin Buckner as CreepyBloomEyeless JackSmile Dog and Slenderman

Stofferex as Sally and Rap Rat

Brandon Lorbes as Happy Appy and HABIT

MaNCHA as Mr. Widemouth, The Russian Scientist #3 and Ticci Toby

David Hrusovsky as The Russian Scientist Number #2

Chewy Rivera as Pirate PercyUsername666Ticci TobyChuck E's SpecialThe Russian Scientist Number #1 and Masky

Matthew Thomas as Creepy BlackLost SilverBen DrownedHerobrineMARIOCreepy LunaSkin TakerMereana Mordegard Glesgorv and Hoody

EPIC RAP B- *static* ATTLES OF *static* CREEPYP- *static*













Unknown Voice:

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Ready for Round 2? 


  • This battle doesn't have a new poster like Cupcakes vs Luna Game and The previous rap battles, probably due the remake 
  • Alltrough ERBoCP#6 it's a private video, it's not totally a deleted battle, since it has a Remake with many references of the Old Battle and Hoody & Masky of ERBoCP#6 appears in the credits of the remake
  • This Will Be The First Battle To Have Battle of The Masks.
  • This is the Second Battle that Doesn't match with the Hint of the Previous Battle, the first was Gateway of the Mind vs Russian Sleep Experiment
  • This battle was Creepypastas vs Urban Legends, but since nobody got the hint it was replaced by a remake of Hoody vs Masky
Hoody vs Masky
Hoody vs Masky
Battle Information
Release Date December 1, 2014
Number 15
Length 4:28
Other Information
Actors Matthew Thomas
Alexander Kanack
Brandon Lorbes
Justin Buckner
Rappers Hoody
Ticci Toby
The Observer
Previous Gateway of the Mind vs Russian Sleep Experiment
Next Sonic.EXE vs MARIO 2
List of Battles
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