Hoody battled Masky in Hoody vs Masky , he was Potrayed by Nathan Provost (ERBOCP #6) and Matthew Thomas (ERBOCP #15)


Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based


Nathan Provost as Hoody


Matthew Thomas as Hoody

About the Rapper

Hoody is the nickname of a character in MarbleHornets, first appearing in Entry #41. Not much is known about him/her, though he/she may be a proxy or an antagonist. Some theories persist that Hoody could be Totheark, though as of yet there isn't enough information to confirm this.



Verse 1:

You're crappy Masky, you ain't having much luck

Your face is so fucking ugly, you need a mask to cover it up

When you could use a bag under your fucking shitty ass head

You're lucky to be alive but I wish you were dead

I will kill you when you are trying to sleep in a car

You couldn't take it seriously, but I've took it too far

Oh! you're a human while I'm a proxy? That doesn't mean you're good

Try to mess with me Masky, I'm from the hood

Verse 2:

Your rhymes are so fucking boring, they make me cough

Your life is like my rhymes, 'cause it's about to drop

You can't match Hoody, you asshole-masked excuse for a buddy

In this next found footage, you'll be ripped, torn and bloody


Verse 1:

Coming in this battle to attack, it’s the hooded horror from hell

Are you suppose to be scary or something? I can’t freaking tell!

Because you’re crappy Masky, you ain’t having much luck

You’re face is so ugly, you need a mask just to cover it up

Slendy picked me first because he knew I could get the job done

As compared to your broken legs, so there is nowhere for you to run

Go back to your cheesecake, this isn’t the place for you

Because to tell the truth, you’re the laughingstock of the crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!