Homicidal Liu battled Hearful Lou in Hearful Lou vs Homicidal Liu. He was portrayed by Frenzy

Homicidal Liu

Frenzy as Homicidal Liu


Verse 1:

No need to worry, I’ll be sure to make this quick

You’ll heartless once I stab my knife through your rib cage

It was clear from the start, I am the natural winner

Almost as natural as me being a killer

Yes my brother Jeff is more popular and gets the respect

But you got nothing to say, you were created on Mineplex

It seems you just don’t get it, do you?

Just like my brother Jeffrey Woods, I’m a killer too...

Verse 2:

You’re going to scream way worse than my mom

Gonna give Louie bruises, a lot of them

Finding true love? You have a better chance beating me

It’s no wonder Samantha left you for Derek in a heart beat

You’ll be just Lou when your heart is finally in my hands

Murder is in my blood, I don’t expect you to understand

If Call of Duty was the highlight of your life, I’m sorry for you

It’s over when you wake up to the face of Homicidal Liu

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