Herobrine Battled Tails Doll in Tails Doll vs Herobrine, He Also Battled Entity 303 in Herobrine vs Entity 303  He Was Played By Matthew Thomas

Information About the Rapper

Herobrine, also known as “HIM”, is a mysterious Minecraft Character. He is portrayed as a non-player character in single-player Minecraft with the default skin and completely white eyes.

Herobrine began as a single, foggy screenshot of a distant figure posted on the Minecraft forums. The picture was accompanied by the story of a Minecraft player finding strange, unexplained constructions in their world, apparently the sign of someone or something else being present.


Tails Doll vs Herobine

Verse 1:

You won't be seeing the sunshine anymore after this battle's done.

Herobrine has connected to kick your ass and remove your stuff.

I'll will make you 404'd, and i'll stab you in the crotch,

How can you mess with me when i messed with a game be Notch?

I will kill you slowly while you are thinking I'm a cow,

You'll see me then you'll realize why and how?

Tails Doll? Oh! Such a scary name!

You were made in one of the most shittiest sonic games.

Verse 2:

Sonic R was the biggest piece of crap,

Get out of this world cause this is Minecraft!

I will stab you with this diamond axe, you will be taunted,

You better be scared. cause i am always watching.

Herobine vs Entity 303

Verse 1:

Look behind you, better turn your render distance up!

It’s the return of Herobrine, here to turn this rap game corrupt

This alleged creeper bout’ to grief everything you built

There’s no removing me bro, I even gave Notch chills

No effort was put in your story, as you can see

It was devised with a simple; ctrl c, ctrl v

I’m a creature of hell! Nightmare material; there is no other!

Leaving you rest in peace like the creator’s dead brother!

Verse 2:

There's no way you'll beat Herobrine, have you fear once you see me spying

I am not lying, prepare to be dying, you better be crying, my victory's shining

My rhyming is frightening, stop trying to be fighting, your ass I'll be dining, and words I'll be biting

I'm arriving and smiling on your firing corpse, and your whining expiring mod I'll be frying!

AGH! I'll never surrender, spitting ciphers scarier than the Nether

Stealing more blocks than the Ender, jump in the blender, and you won't be a survivor

God won't save you today, no way you're brave when I put you into your grave

Better hide in a cave, I crave failed pastas can't take it when I'm raising the stakes!



Matthew Thomas as Herobrine
Character Information
Nickname(s) HIM, Brine
Born November 18, 2011
Physical description
Eyes White
Based On

Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Tails Doll vs Herobrine
Herobrine vs Entity 303
Vs Tails Doll
Entity 303
Release Date November 27, 2013 (Tails Doll vs Herobrine)
??? (Herobrine vs Entity 303)