Heartful Lou battled Homicidal Liu in Heartful Lou vs Homicidal Liu He is Portrayed By Matthew Thomas

Heartful lou by testsubject227-d5ta14z

Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based

Heartful Lou

Matthew Thomas as Heartful Lou


Verse 1:

This kid named Lou that got good grades was such a good kid

But there is no actual excuse for what you did

You gave into the voices, you’re no real threat to me

I killed my girlfriend because that’s the way it had to be

I’m not showing you love, I’ll shove my knife into your throat

Decapitate you worse then Derek, then at death you’ll be alone

I’ll make this quick and painless for you, I hope you're not a runner

But why am I battling you? It’d be more fun killing your brother

Verse 2:

I already know it'll be easy to take out this kid that's homicidal

'Cause once I bring out my axe, you won't survive at all

Cut you up into pieces, make your sheets red again

This is no place for children, leave the killing to men

I’ve done things that you couldn’t image kid!

Because love is a gift, don’t you manipulate it!


  • Heartful Lou is the Second Character from Season 2 Confirmed The First is Where the Bad Kids Go
  • He is the first Character who have 6 lines in a verse instead of 8 or 4
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