Happy Appy Battled Skin Taker and Pirate Percy in Happy Appy vs Candle Cove He Was Voiced By Brandon Lorbes Then He Was Played By Matthew Thomas

Information About the Rapper

Happy Appy is a cancelled show on Nick Jr. The original show depicted an talking apple named “Happy Appy” that taught kids how to handle certain injuries. At first, it seems normal, however, after a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse. After their final, and only 8th episode, it was only 2 hours when Noggin removed all traces of the show happening. Most known about the show is that 2001 reports say the episode seemed to depict happenings of 9/11, even though the episode was shown in 1999.


Verse 1:

After you’re watching a dubbed Blue’s Clues, my show comes on next

I was buried ‘cause I was a killer but then was reborn on the internet

You can’t get past this happy apple, you’ll disappear just for show

I’ll blow you out like a candle, that’s why your name is Candle Cove

I have blue realistic eyes, I can see when you’ll finally end

Your show is just thoughts inside of insane kid’s heads

You better go to school because class is dismissed

When you take the souls of pirate puppets, that’s natural children!

Verse 2:

CANDLE COVE? why don’t you stick a handle up your rear

You may not notice it yet but I’m your biggest fear!

You’re an abomination creation, that is a waste but

how can I complain? Your show is just pure imagination!

You don’t like me now that I am insane, I’ll cut through your a-hole

Once I kill you all, you’ll be going to heaven as Dumb Angels

When I’m done with you, your body will match the eyes of Forenzik

You two just got slaughtered by an apple on a stick![[Category:Season

Happy Appy
Happy Appy

B-Lo Lorbes as Happy Appy
Character Information
Nickname(s) Happy Apple, the "Friendly" Apple, HA
Born April 29, 1999
Physical description
Eyes Blue
Based On
It Was in My PINGAS
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Happy Appy vs Candle Cove
Vs Pirate Percy

Skin Taker (Candle Cove)

Release Date April 4, 2014