HABIT battled Hoody, Masky, Ticci Toby and The Observer in Hoody vs Masky, He was portrayed by Brandon Lorbes


B-Lo Lorbes as HABIT

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Uppon on Whom the rapper is based


Verse 1: It’s time for you to see the words I’m spitting, call me Habit

I’m rapidly dissing these maggots, snapping ‘cause I’ve just about had it!

You’ll get mind fucked when I teleport you everywhere

You’re all twitching jokes, while I’m Everyman’s Hybird nightmare!

Insanity is the last thing to worry about when facing me

Because to be honest, you fuckers were already crazy!

Leave this battle, no Observer or masked kids will make it stop!

Even compared to Slender Man, I’ll always be on top!

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