Gateway of the Mind Battled Russian Sleep Experiment in Gateway of the Mind vs Russian Sleep Experiment He was Portrayed By Alexander Kanack and Anthony Perry


Verse 1:

This is the Gateway of the Mind that you’re about to face

When I’m done, I’ll put your 5 people into their place

Take a step through my gateway, your nightmare's about to begin

You’re going to want to keep on dreaming, if you hope to win!

Honestly my senses are missing, but I can still see

This wannabe looking Gollum thinks he has a shot against me!

Pounding at my cage! Your stupidity only strengthens my rage!

You know the end is now, when you look into my blind gaze

Verse 2:

Your 3 men don’t scare me, the voices in my head are many

They hired you for research? I wouldn’t fund you a penny

The dead relatives of yours speak to me in a hush tone

It’s clear to see you never had wives, and will continue to be alone

When darkness falls over you, killing the subjects isn’t the way

Let them scream pain away and maybe they’ll see the light of day

But of course they won’t, because you scientists are asleep mentally

Once I'm done with you, I'll have these Russians put to sleep PERMANENTLY!

Cutscene Verse:

You can take your petty gas, and step out the room

Because I have spoken to God, and he has abandoned you

Gateway of the Mind
Gateway of the Mind

WoodenHornets as Gateway of the Mind
Character Information
Nickname(s) Gateway
Physical description
Eyes Black
Based On
Gateway to the mind by charcoalman-d62b0wx

Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Gateway of the Mind vs Russian Sleep Experiment
Vs Russian Sleep Experiment
Release Date August 28, 2014