Evil Otto Battled The .GIF in Evil Otto vs The .GIF, He was portrayed by Fel
Evil Otto

CeKeFe as Evil Otto

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Upon on Whom the Rapper is Based

About the rapper

Evil Otto debuted in '80s Berzerk, a groundbreaking shoot-em-up that nowadays could be programmed by a preschooler. Berzerk's plot was seemingly adapted from a Dadaist stage drama. You are a green man who shoots yellow robots. If the robots shoot you, you die. If the robots touch you, you die. If you touch the walls (which are presumably laced with cyanide), you die. Your goal is to destroy 64,000 rooms worth of jaundiced robots, after which you are awarded 72 virgins in heaven.

It was Otto's job to fly through the poisonous walls and zap you when the timer ran low. Otto was merely a pain, but what makes him truly frightful is the fact that he is possibly the only video game enemy in history to kill players in real-life. Between 1981 and 1982, two teenage Berzerk players died of heart attacks shortly after posting high scores at video arcades. Evil Otto watched them die with a smile on his face.


Verse 1:

Time to give you a heart attack with my deadly smile

Once you get a high score, you’ll be here for a while

You better run away now, my rhymes will make you go Berzerk

Leave you dead on the floor, that’s just how my game works!

You won’t have nice day, once I rip you into 8 bits

There’s no way for you to hide, try to run .GIF

You better leave now, I’m about to leave you hurt

You’ll be screaming “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!”

Verse 2:

You’re not even that scary, hell all the readers frown upon you!

All you ever do is scream, like that’s the greatest thing you can do

Where ever you go, no doubt I’m always gonna find ya!

I’m the real meaning of fear, too bad I’m not actually a creepypasta


  • Evil Otto is the Third Character from Season 2 Confirmed The Others are Where the Bad Kids Go and Heartful Lou
  • In Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack, Evil Otto is Portrayed By Max Allan
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