Information on the Rapper

Entity 303 (nicknamed "303") is a creepypasta commonly said to be "the New Herobrine". According to the pasta, a former Mojang employee was fired by Notch (the creator of Minecraft). Now he wants revenge on Mojang and Minecraft players alike. Entity 303 is said to be not just the former employee but a whole team of hackers going by usernames like "303mojang.com303," and "entity.303". If you have any files in your computer that are named anything with "303", then it could be 303's hackers. 303 can also hack in to player's worlds and corrupt them. 1/40 players are affected by 303 and his team. Signs have been seen in worlds hacked by 303 saying "hjälp" ("help" in Swedish). (Note: the first 303 sighting happened on December 10, 2013. The events of that encounter are not known)


Entity 303

Three-Sixty MC, 303 drops rap TNT

YOUR NEXT as I steal your world like how I'll steal your victory

Teams of hackers crush a virus for I clearly spit iller

No Immunity for this ghost, though, you're even worse than that Sulfur

So Herobrine, you'll never win, removing you like Notch did

Causing grief, un-4chan-ate, don't even try to MAKEAWISH

Kneel like Null, no help will come to you from your PC

Is This Herobrine? Falling from the onslaught of this Entity?

Entity 303

Nice job on your little fast rap, all I heard was gibberish crap

I’m more scary than a Tails plushie, making you my craft

Nobody can hjälp you or protect you from the devil, Entity

You were so scared, you had to warn every player about me

This is my revenge, you’ll have no defense, you’ll have no hope

Beating you as many times as creators saying you’re a hoax

Cease your “heroics,” because it’s clear you simply can’t afford

To step to me again for 303 will leave you 404’d


Entity 303
Character Information
Birth name John Entity
Nickname(s) 303
Born December 16th
Died N/A
Physical description
Hair N/A
Eyes Red
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Herobrine vs Entity 303
Vs Herobrine
Release Date TBA