Were you looking for the Scrapped Battles?

This battles were deleted from Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta.

Season 1

Slenderman vs The Rake

This was the very first battle of Season 1, but since the bad criticism (Rhymes, Quality, Costumes, etc.) the battle was deleted from YouTube, "World Greatest Rap Battles" took the battle and uploaded it like if the battle was from him, but he didn't changed nothing, bringing to the people the battle who was deleted several months. The biggest reason this was deleted because of all the criticism on the rake.

Jeff The Killer vs Jane The Killer

The fifth battle of Creepypasta. Rap Battles was deleted since the Jane costume were match her, and her first verse had a fail in the beat, also in the first days since the video was relased the most of people didn't like that B-Lo Lorbes potrayed Jeff the Killer, but it was forgotten since if Jeff really burns his face, his face should be black instead of white. However, the battle was made public again with the name "Can we keep the likes and dislikes the same?"

Season 2


Other Deleted Battles

Tails Doll vs Herobrine

Due the Copyright of the Tails Doll Image, the battle was deleted by YouTube, affortunately, it was reauploaded by Matthew

Hoody vs Masky (ERBoCP#6)

This battle is not totally a deleted battle, since it has a Remake, Also, in this battle was uploaded.

Happy Appy vs Candle Cove

In August 2014, this battle was temporaly deleted for unknown reasons. But this battle was realised later on..

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker

This was the 17th battle, but since Justin had a Problem recording, they put Evil Otto vs The .GIF and Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker disapeared until Evil Otto vs The .GIF was uploaded in YouTube

Heartful Lou Vs. Homicidal Liu

This was originally uploaded before Valentine's Day, then was removed