Dead Bart battled Numbers Station in Numbers Station vs Dead Bart. He is portrayed by Froggy

Upon on Whom the Rapper is based

Dead Bart

CeKeFe as Dead Bart


Verse 1

It's time for this dead kid to have this DJ smothered

Take you to my grave and put you in it, just to have you suffer

Euthanizing this dog seems to be the right thing to do

Hell, to get to your Easter egg, the player has to kill you!

Eat my shorts, and go back to your radio station

You're just a creation created for a fail out of the nation

Battling me? I'll beat you Kwik-E, and you'll surely regret it

Time for this anchor to end, so you can be replaced by Margaret

Verse 2

Come with me, as I take you down to the pits of hell

Leave you dead like the Queen, and you won't end well

I predicted Michael Jackson's death, so just quit it, DJ

It’s clear to see your death came as predicted on this grave!

You're just a Capital Waste of space, so get bent and go away

I'll stretch you and blur you, 'cause your fame is starting to fade

See these names on my tombstone, you’re next on my list!

It’s time to leave this Dog like my credits, silent


  • Dead Bart was the 31st Character from Season 2 Confirmed before is relase. The Others are Where the Bad Kids Go, Heartful Lou, Evil Otto, Squidward's Suicide, Zalgo, WHO WAS PHONE?, Ted the Caver, Mr. Mix, Console Me, Sweet Apple Massacre, Ash's Coma, 1999, Abandoned by Disney, Gods Mouth, Five Nights at Freddy's, Polybius, The Grey Man and Ed Edd n' Eddy Lost Episode
  • In Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart, Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack and Creepypastas vs Slashers Dead Bart was Portrayed by Mat4yo
  • Mat4yo didn't want to play Dead Bart, as he did too many times
  • He and Eyeless Jack are the two characters using green screen cuts from ERBParodies