Cupcakes Battled Luna Game in Cupcakes vs Luna Game  She Was Played By Stephanie Rose Smith

About the Rapper

Cupcakes is a fan-fiction series, suited in the universe of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which became notorious within the fanbase for its highly creepy and gore-filled narrative. It has been described by Equestria Daily as the most creepy, crude, gory and traumatizing narrative involving ponies ever written.


Verse 1:

Hi there! Would you like a fresh batch of cupcakes?

I'll slap you with frosting cause you are such a waste

you best be leaving, you can't defeat this equestria demon

I'll cut off your penis, and turn that shit into cupcake semen

You're just a fake, so now I'm raising the stakes

Get off your high horse, you can stop Pinkie's cakes!

You're better on the moon where nopony can hear your cries

When I open you up, I will tell you to have a good night

Verse 2:

I'll wear your cutie mark, horn, and your fucking wings

You're not scary compared to the lyrical horror I bring

Would you like to have a cupcake? while you're in the hot summer

Please just try one, they're 20% yummier

You'll be "Silent in Ponyville" after this battle is done

Because I slaughter, slash and murder for fun!

It's time to play, Luna, and I won't cut you a break

So, strap down and relax, you'll soon be CUPCAKES!

Verse 3:

You better be ready when I open the oven

Put some frosting on your ass, and give it some loving

Verse 4:

Why are you being mean? Life is a party for gods sake

I won't get played but you're still getting baked

What is that? Who is that?


Pinkamena Diane Pie

Stephanie Rose Smith as Cupcakes
Character Information
Nickname(s) Cupcakes, Pinkie Pie
Born Jaunary 2011
Physical description
Eyes Red
Based On
Creepypasta cupcakes by whitekittyyy-d5w3lid

Upon on Whom The Rapper is Based

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Cupcakes vs Luna Game
Vs Luna Game
Release Date Jaunary 21, 2014