Clockwork Battled Ticci Toby in Ticci Toby vs Clockwork She was Voiced by Stephanie Rose Smith and Portrayed by Matthew Thomas, Clockwork is Also Ticci Toby's Girlfriend


Verse 1:

Wanna play with me? It’ll be a killer time!

I’ll tear out your heart as I watch you slowly die

And with my green eye, I can see you won’t spit a rhyme

Because it takes you ages to even come up with a line!

You’re a proxy, just another slave to Slenderman

While I killed on my own and always had a plan

Forget that car accident, your whole existence is a wreck

How funny,they called you Ticci because of your tourettes

Verse 2:

You were only created for the erotic fan art

You won’t be “Ticcing” anymore once I’ve ripped you apart

If I wanted competition I would have fought Hoody and Masky

You’re not great, you left your mom to deal with the tragedy

It’s just a matter of time Toby, before you finally loose

Yea my dad abused me, but at least he wasn’t addicted to booze

I’ll leave you like your sister, dead and covered in blood

So you had better hurry because your time is almost up


  • She's the Third Female Character To be Portrayed by a Male (Matthew Thomas) The Others Are Jane the Killer and Sally[[Category:Stephani

Stephanie Rose Smith as Clockwork
Character Information
Birth name Natalie
Nickname(s) Clockwork
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Ticci Toby vs Clockwork
Vs Ticci Toby
Release Date May 8, 2014