Note: This is intentionaly bad written since is a instentionaly best (bad) battle

CC Music Factory vs Captain Crunch. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

CC Music Factory vs Captain Crunch. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

[insert title here] is teh april f00ls special by epic crap battles of craapypasta, 1t features teh suppa duppa mus1c xeam CC Music Factory vattling against da c3real p1rate killer Captain CRUNCH, it wus relas3d in april 1 2015, b3cuz is teh april f00ls sp3cial, if itdoesn't, the world w0uld b destrolled.


Frenzy az(s) dat guy for cc f*cktory

Zander Kanack az(s) dat other guy from cc f*cktory

Matthew Thomas az(s) captn krunch


Justin Buckner az(s) mr tits,and alezander the great

fr3ddy and b00nie sfm models bye i6nis


Robert Clivillés:

Yo,whats whit your face,you´re little wilian clown

You´re always cryng alone,its like you have fucking downs

David Cole:

Thats so,cause cole is about to crunch on you

There´s nothing you can do because you will turn blue

Robert Clivillés:

Incredible skills you look like a fucking toilet

??Shut it because im fucking done??

David Cole:

Those black and blue disses were very old

Uh actually they might have been white and gold

Captain Crunch:

Im a capitan better than captain jack spearrow

Il take you to your doom,call me Jon Romero

I have many kids eating my cereal,its a dam shame

That nobody in the word knows who cc is,you dont have fame

Get down in your knees and lick my crunch berrys

Your rhymes are so bad,that it´s scary

You will need a cereal number to beat me, b-words

I will hit you whit these rock poc veniture turds

Robert Clivillés:

Wow,you´re so fat that you ate a burger once

When you go to school,you wear a hat that reads DUNCE

David Cole

I will beat you up,david is raving

You smelly old fucking craven yeah yeah uh

Robert Clivillés:

For a cereal,you cereal pooped mascot of shit

All lien you up and suck my nipple

David Cole:

So cry snitch,cause you cleary dont know how to rap


Captain Crunch:

This is cerealous bussines,you look like my toe

By the way,i am gawd you hoe

I migth be a captain but at least i got a date

I am the greatest of then all,call me Alexander the great

I would drink cool aid but david cole would die from it

So sit down kids

Mr Mix:

Shh,im mr tits

Captain Crunch:

I dont think that you are relevant anymore,so go whit the filler

So prepare to get killed by the cereal killer

hint 4 next battle

future pred1ktors


  • dez wus supposed 2 b WHO WAS PHONE vs some1, but(t) 4 unkownly unknown r3asons that was not done (F7U12)
  • even when da zkrapped battle Abandoned by Disney vs Five Nights at Freddy's, was scrapped, fr3ddy and b00nie apears
  • dez doesn0t have a s0undcloud link 4 n0w
  • dez is da skariest r4p battle evah