• Travrinity

    Scp-990 vs Scp-966

    December 12, 2015 by Travrinity

    Traver as Scp-990 (audio)

    Thomas as Scp-990 (video)

    Kristoffer as Scp-966 (audio)

    Froggy as Scp-966 (video)

    Justin as Agent Baxter

    Frenzy as Scientist

    Zander as Test Subject

    Marsad Man - West 48th Street







    Who am I? Call me Tony, no wait, actually, call me Richard

    You won't be dreaming about me, once I had enough of your whisper

    I'll break your claws, so that you won't have to interrupt my speech

    And then, I'll kill your young before you all have time to preach

    A group of monsters with insomnia will be the right ones for execution

    Just like Agent Baxter, your minds will all go in electrocution

    I would love to rap, but this MC has to make this all fall

    So it's time for your best verse…

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  • UltraXmaster

    Just for a badge

    October 3, 2015 by UltraXmaster

    Anways, hint for next battle on my rap battles: I WILL BE FOREVER WATCHING!

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  • UltraXmaster

    Hey guys!

    October 3, 2015 by UltraXmaster

    Check out my profile to see all of the battles i made!            ...thats all i gotta say

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  • CinderFallFan64

    I Know About the What If Thing and I Thought I Might as Well Do It

    What If Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Suddenly Became a Super Smash Bros Game?

    What If We Might as Well Make Battles That Anyone (Including AWCs) Into Blog Posts You Know With the Battles they Suggeted Turned Into a Fanmade Battles With the Cast and the Lyrics and Something Like That?

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